350 hour Yoga Teacher Education

Immerse yourself in a transformative yoga experience within a supportive environment; quite possibly the best thing you can do for your personal practice,

your students, and even your career.

Next Training 2020

350 hour Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training

6 February - 18 December 2020

 One Weekday + One Weekend Day Per Month

plus observing + assisting studio classes

Why Take a Yoga Teacher Training

We have the opportunity to change and inform that which is in front of us and inspire all that is around us. This act does not begin from fixing the outside, it begins with being a student of life and all the experiences life offers.

Having the courage to seek the lesson and unravelling what these experiences offer and how each hardship and joy brings you closer to your individual truth.


The words we speak impact our future, the foods we eat impact our health, the way in which we move on our yoga mats and upon the planet affects the whole. May we be more informed, so that each move we make is chosen from our truth, not our fear and from there becomes an act of service.

What to Expect

Transform your practice through classes and alignment labs and begin to deepen your understanding of the philosophy and history of yoga. Deepen your understanding of alignment and asana of more complex poses as you learn to observe others, assist students, sequence effectively. Begin to investigate the energetics of the practice through pranayama and energetic cuing. Step into the seat of the teacher through work including practice teaching, hands on adjustments, theming, ethics and the business of yoga.

  • Daily practices to transform your practice and illuminate teaching principles

  • Sequencing and class theming

  • Anatomy

  • Meditation

  • In-depth exploration of the Yoga Sutras

  • Verbal, Hands On Assists and other advanced teaching skills

  • The Subtle Body

  • The business of yoga and what's next

  • Ethics of a yoga teacher

  • Asana labs to explore the alignment of complex backbends, seated poses, and supine poses

  • Introduction to Ayurveda

  • Advanced teaching skills

  • Practice Teaching and feedback to hone your skills

  • Teaching Evaluation and Exam


Introductory Pricing


Weekday Workshop + Weekend Intensive

Observation + Assisting

Workbooks + Manual

Includes One Studio Class Per Week

Discounted Studio Classes

Sara Evans, Senior Yoga Teacher Perth Australia