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Corporate Yoga, Wellness and MeditationPerth

Yoga + Wellness 
in the Workplace

Looking to create a more connected workplace?

Do you want to inspire your team of employees to be more mindful of their physical and mental health while learning to manage stress?

Let Bloom Yoga create a tailored workplace wellness program for your organisation.  Choose from a package of corporate yoga classes, a specialist series, on-demand virtual classes, or a one-off team building day; we can design a wellness program tailored to the unique needs of your business.  


Why bring yoga into the workplace?

More than improving employee health, corporate yoga and wellness programs help employees become more satisfied and motivated in their work and personal lives.  

By practicing yoga, we can help to increase our focus and concentration, which can in turn lead to improved productivity.

Yoga improves sleep habits and increases immunity; meaning fewer sick days accumulate.

Bringing yoga into the work environment helps to create a more positive and collaborative work environment.

One of the main reasons why yoga can be beneficial for businesses is that it can help to reduce stress levels among employees.

Why choose Bloom Yoga for corporate yoga and meditation?

With more than 15 years experience bringing yoga and meditation practices into the workplace, we recognise the need to adapt and tailor yoga  and meditation practices to suit a corporate environment. 

As a Senior (Level 3) member of Yoga Australia we believe yoga can support a diverse range of bodies and abilities and we bring this expertise with us into your working space.  

Our team of yoga teachers are highly experienced in a range of yoga styles and movement modalities including chair yoga, mindfulness meditation and hatha yoga classes.  We offer a fun, inclusive and accessible approach to yoga, regardless of age or ability.  All teachers are members of Yoga Australia, with a minimum of 5 years of hands-on teaching experience with students at every level.

Corporate packages and one-off events start at $195 

Corporate Yoga and Meditation Classes Perth

"Taking care of your body is an investment

in your work-life balance"

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