The health + safety of our students, staff and community has always been a priority for us at Bloom, it's one of our guiding principals towards offering smaller, more inclusive classes.  With this in mind, we have laid out some important guidelines in order to re-iterate our commitment to the safeguarding of all.  



  • Fewer classes

  • Smaller class sizes

  • Required posters are displayed outside the studio.

  • Class participants are advised to bring their own equipment where possible

  • Some equipment will be removed altogether from the studio

  • Studio equipment will be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant after each use.

  • Where two classes may be scheduled together, additional time has been allowed so that ALL students can clean equipment and there is no crossover of students coming and going. 

  • Students who feel unwell are requested to stay at home, live-streamed classes will be continued for this reason



  • Students will be required to hand wash their hands prior to class

  • Bathrooms are stocked with hand wash and hand towel

  • Bathrooms handles and doors are cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant after every class

  • There are tissues and a bin (lid-less) outside the studio for class participants to use, this will be emptied after each class.

  • The entire studio and any equipment used will be cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant after each class

  • The studio and bathroom doors will be kept open to minimise surface transmission and wiped down before and after class. 

  • Windows and doors will be kept open as much as possible to ventilate the room. 



  • Posters have been placed at the entrance of the studio building notifying people to keep to the 1.5m distancing at all times.

  • The floor inside the studio is marked with where the class participants are to place their yoga mats.

  • The mats will have 1.5m distance between them. 

  • 15 people will be allowed in the studio at one time, whilst adhering to spacing guidelines, however we usually have less than this number in our regular classes. 

  • Pre-booking is required to attend ALL classes



  • Class participants are required to BOOK their classes ONLINE

  • Upon arrival, students will be marked as ARRIVED OR NO SHOW

  • Payment for classes will be made online upon booking, via EFT or using our cashless in-studio payment option.



  • Teaching staff will greet students upon entry to ensure all safety requirements are being met and to answer any questions.

  • Teaching staff will ensure the space allowance between and around mats

  • Teaching staff will ask students to wash their hands after class.



  • Should a student be diagnosed with COVID-19 after attending a class, all class participants from that class and classes prior to and after that class will be notified.

  • All classes will cease immediately, and the studio will be temporarily close to be thoroughly cleaned adhering to the Health Department guidelines for cleaning after an outbreak.

  • All teachers will be screened for COVID-19.

  • All teaching staff will self isolate until COVID-19 results are received, quarantine will be imposed for those who test positive.

  • The re-opening of classes and the studio will be assessed and monitored according to the most up to date advice from health authorities.

  • Class members that were in the class with the COVID-19 diagnosed person will not be allowed to come back to class until they have been screened for COVID-19.

  • Once they have their results back and if the results are negative they are welcome to come back to class.

  • People with a COVID-19 positive diagnosis will not be able to come back to class until they have fully recovered and have been cleared by public health authorities that they no longer have the virus.

Privacy Policy:
  • BLOOM YOGA will never sell, share or distribute students personal information or circumstances.
  • We will not send you unsolicited emails unless you have opted in to our mailing list; you may choose to opt out of our mailing list at any time.  


Sara Evans, Senior Yoga Teacher Perth Australia