Drop-In Yoga Classes

Our Yoga Room has been carefully crafted to create a sanctuary to practice yoga in a light, bright space. 


  We welcome to FLOW YOUR OWN WAY, our experienced teachers bring more than 10 years teaching experience and can safely provide modifications to suit a variety of ages, abilities and body shapes - yoga is a not a one size fits all practice, we'll provide individual attention and support to help your yoga practice bloom.  


We are especially proud of our diverse community of students and teachers;

our small inclusive classes as well as the welcoming ambience of the room itself. 

Rise + Shine

Vinyasa Flow

Early Morning Vinyasa Yoga Classes Kingsley

The early morning is when our body is its MOST honest and the mind is still;  'the golden hour' is the most ideal time to practice yoga.

Early morning yoga classes begin with Surya Namaskara; honouring  the rising of the sun, while opening to the light of your heart.  This dynamic yoga class is a fluid vinyasa flow with carefully crafted sequencing and fun, challenging transitions.  All levels of practitioners welcome.  

​Our vinyasa flow yoga classes are dynamic classes synchronising movement and breath in a continuous flow of poses, usually beginning with Sun Salutations. They are energetic, creative and lots of fun! Vinyasa classes are suitable for all levels, with variations and modifications offered throughout the class to support beginner students with a good level of general fitness and just enough challenge for intermediate and advanced students.  

Flow + Glow

Vinyasa Flow

beginners vinyasa flow yoga classes king
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Yin + Flow

Yin + Flow Yoga Classes cultivate a safe space for all levels of yoga practitioners.  With an emphasis on slow mindful movement, this class allows time to find alignment, build awareness and integrity to create a balance between movement and stillness.   

With a mindful attention to your breath, this class uses a variety of yoga props to support the physical body in order to create space and flexibility in both the mind and the body.   Through long holds in supported yin yoga postures, expect to create space in the hips, spine, neck + shoulders which will provide the space and ease to spend time in seated meditation. Suitable for absolute beginners.  


Yin +


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Yin +


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Yin yoga is a restorative type of yoga with many therapeutic uses; assisting insomnia, infertility, and digestion as well as reducing stress while also improving flexibility and mobility.  

This style is a complete mind body experience when practiced on it's own, and may also complement a stronger yoga practice or combined as part of a cross-training program for cyclists, runners and althletes.
Sara Evans, Senior Yoga Teacher Perth Australia