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Perth Yoga Retreats


Sometimes we have to be away from home to give ourselves the permission to truly relax.

Being on a retreat allows you to listen to your body, rest when you need it, and be free from stress.


These are truly enriching experiences; anyone can greatly benefit from a yoga retreat, whether it's for one day or several.


An opportunity to fully immerse in pranayama, meditation and asana - what ever your level of experience.


Enjoy delicious vegetarian refreshment to support our yoga practice alongside a community of like minded yogis.


We have done all the work for you, so come along, connect, relax and ENJOY!

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Spring in the Hills
1 September 2023

Celebrate the beauty of Spring with a day of in the Perth Hills, teachers Susie + Sara bring you an afternoon to flow, connect and rest. 

Limited places available.  


Africa Yoga Safari Retreat

African Yoga Safari ~ Kruger National Park
September 2024

Journey with us to South Africa, with a unique opportunity to experience a yoga and safari retreat.  

There is no better way to experience and enhance the connection with nature than to combine the ancient practices of yoga with the abundance of life that surrounds you in the wilds of Africa.


Winter Soul Yoga Retreat ~ Yallingup
7 - 9 July 2023

Join Susie and Sara for a thoughtfully curated weekend designed to soothe your winter soul.  

Indulge in yogic practices designed to bring balance and re-center so that you leave feeling enriched and replenished.

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"The bravest warriors know
when to retreat"

Maureen Joyce Connolly

I loveeee it so much! As a first time mom, it was such a beautiful experience for me doing yoga with bubs. Sara was so patient with all the babies hence the crying, screaming and u name it🤣 She helped me with my posture. She gave clear instructions on each exercise and not in a rush to get it done. It was slow and steady. Always smile and aware of the babies around if they need toys or pillows or whatever to make them occupied. Love that the studio provide equipment too such as yoga mat, towel for baby to lie down, bolster and a few stuff. Would definitely recommend mum’s to try this class with their bubs.


I just wanted to say thank you for running your amazing prenatal yoga classes. They truly made all the difference. It meant I naturally moved into positions that we had practiced in class and had the strength to hold them allowing optimal movement for baby and my body.


I used yoga blocks to support me in all sorts of ways from helping me get a better squat on the toilet as I birthed the placenta to providing a stable support when my wrist needed a break but my body wanted to stay in a cat/cow position. Just being used to using props to help gain better support and comfort in class really set me up well to mentally do it during birth.


And lastly, I just wanted to say I am going to dearly miss the mental recharge from going to class and being guided in meditative practice at the start and finish. This helped me keep my head through pregnancy and that practicing of relaxing helped me when I needed to relax the most during labour.


My partner and I participated in Sara's Active Birth Workshop at Bloom Yoga. It was highly informative and tailored to our knowledge base. There was a great balance of theoretical and practical information, and plenty of opportunity for questions. The workshop provided insight into the process of birth planning, and how we as a couple can work together during the stages of labour and birth.


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