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1.perfect happiness; great joy.

"she gave a sigh of bliss"

synonyms:joy, pleasure, delight, happiness, gladness, ecstasy, elation, rapture,euphoria, heaven, paradise, seventh heaven, cloud nine,

When was the last time you felt BLISS?

After a full day away in the Perth Hills we found bliss at Kookaburra Creek Yoga Shala.

Hard to believe that it is this very same yoga shala that was my first yoga home when I first moved to Perth in 2003 and here I am 11 years later doing full day yoga retreats with two wonderful friends & fellow teachers. Between us we plan, organise and prepare to host about 40 yogis from the northern suburbs of Perth for a day to reconnect and nourish mind, body & soul: a full day of BLISS!

The day retreat included a dynamic vinyasa yoga practice followed by fresh juice & morning tea, then some yin yoga with a nutricious lunch of homemade salads - YUM! We ended the day with some restorative postures & yoga nidra. A buffet for the senses!!

These days are always so rewarding - not just for those who come in search of some getting away, but also for us as your grateful's such a pleasure to be able to bring people together into a space that is welcoming & nurturing.

If you loved the bliss balls on the ride home, here is the recipe (modify, add or substitute as you wish):

cashews 1/2 cup

almonds 1/2 cup

pitted dates 1 cup

coconut oil 1/3 cup

cacao powder 1/3 cup

vanilla essence (pure) dash

shredded coconut 1/3 cup

chia gel: mix 2 tsp chia seeds with 2 tbsp water to form a gel (takes 5 mins)

Blitz the cashews first, then add the almonds and bliltz at a lower speed so that the almonds stay a bit chunky...then add in the rest of the ingredients and blend. Roll the balls with shredded coconut if you wish or have them just as they are! Put them in the fridge or freezer where they will last for 2 weeks...but I bet they won't last more than a few days!

With a big sigh of bliss - Namaste

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