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Flipping Out

I once taught a community class at Lululemon and afterwards a student approached me to ask why I never taught inversions in the class. First of all, many of the people who come to the 'complimentary' class are absolute beginners, secondly there are 60 people in the room and with just ONE instructor so there is no way to ensure that everyone is practicing SAFE inversions. Lastly, there are no WALLS - walls are an essential part of the learning process if you ask me.

Learning, teaching and practicing how to get upside down takes time and patience. Like all other postures, it's really a process, one that should always be guided correctly and taken step by step. The ability to get your feet off the ground is a marriage of upper body and core strength as well as lot's of patience and of course PRACTICE!

I can honestly say for myself that the main obstacle that has always held me back from inversions is FEAR - raw, crap your pants, oh my god FEAR! Instead of seeing the best case scenario of being upside down and all the joy and playfulness that accompanies that we look at the negative: thoughts of crash landing and the hurt that might bring to our ego! Part of learning how to get upside down correctly also involves learning how to FALL correctly - who knew!? There is that moment of panic when you first 'stick it' and once that initial nano second of euphoria wears off...panic sets in and we wonder 'WHAT NOW?'

So knowing where to go and what to do and HOW to do it set you up for the best possible success of seeing the world in a whole other way and embracing that giddy 6 year old that is still running around somewhere inside of you...

Come and see for your self the possibility of flipping out and changing your perspective...the world looks even better upside down!

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