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The Comfort Zone

Comfort zones: we all have them.

As yogis there are poses that we tend to steer clear of because well, we know just how hard they are, so rather than having to do the hard work, we usually just take the easy road and stay within the confines of our comfort zone. The same is true for yoga teachers: each of us have our own little 'niches' that we have carved out where we are comfortable preparing & delivering to a set group of students. I can honestly say that I don't tend to venture outside of these lines too often, of course there were times in the past where there were uncomfortable situations and when I look back at these I realise that is in those situations where I have grown the most, as a person, as a human being and also as a teacher. Having such an awesome group of teachers at the studio means that when ever these 'confronting' classes have presented themselves I can offer them to the teachers who are comfortable with these classes. This week in particular our awesome kids teacher had a last minute schedule class. And I freaked out - literally!

After several minutes of panic and some deep breaths, I came to the realisation that I NEED TO TEACH THESE CLASSES! They are the ones I would do my damdest to avoid teaching because they challenge me the most - having to be in the head space of multiple single digit aged children at the one time as well as having to think on my feet and embrace my inner child (which is hidden pretty deep).

So today is the THE day, I am going to teach not ONE but TWO kids yoga a ROW! I've had the last 48 hours to prepare myself so I'm just about to take the plunge. I'm probably as nervous as I am excited, as a parent myself the one thing I love about kids is that they live moment to moment; and those moments are all or nothing! So often as parents, friends and teachers we tell others to face their fears, so it's good to check in with ourselves every now and then and take some of our own advice...step outside these brick walls and find a big wide open space in which to play & explore.

Once again, yoga reminds me that it is a metaphor for our lives and that we are in control of our own individual journey.


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