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Mum, Baby + Yoga

Bloom Mum + Baby Yoga

The journey of pregnancy + birth is an exciting and transformational time in a woman's life; you've welcomed a brand new baby who brings with them lot's of joy, just as many tears, AND restless nights galore! From the first moment that child is in your arms - your focus shifts - this little bundle of love becomes the entire universe. There are SO many emotional, physical AND mental changes taking place in the first weeks, months (and years) following birth that the need for self-care and nurturing during this time is paramount (if not ESSENTIAL) but finding anytime for YOU is pretty challenging - if not impossible!

Whether you're an absolute beginner or you practiced yoga before the birth of baby; post-natal yoga provides new mums a pathway for self-care and wellness. Mum + Baby Yoga classes provide a gentle invigorating practice of nurturing sequences for mum while at the same time getting the time to play and bond with baby.

Here's why WE love Mum + Baby Yoga at Bloom:

  1. EASE BACK INTO YOGA: Unlike a 'general' yoga class, you'll work with specialist post-natal yoga teachers that know first hand what your body has been through! You'll work on reconnecting, recovering and moving WITH your new body instead of working against it.

  2. YOGA NAPS: For BOTH mum + baby! The class provides just enough stimulation for baby that it's not uncommon if they're asleep at the end of class or shortly thereafter! While extended relaxation allows mums the space to take active rest.

  3. BUILD LONG-TERM HABITS: Establishing a practice early on normalises exercise and movement. My own daughter started yoga with me at 3 weeks old (with me as the teacher AND mum) and we now teach classes together, she loves welcoming everyone when they come into the room and best of all she LOVES yoga and movement.

  4. SAFE, NURTURING SPACE: Lot's of new mums are freaked out at the thought of taking baby to class because of feeding concerns, nappy changes or worst of all being noisy and unsettled. The truth is babies ARE unpredictable, so we welcome noise, smelly poos and feeding your baby with the bottle or the boob at anytime. I'm always reminding mums at each class that baby is the always first priority and to not feel bad if their baby cries during class - after all, we're all in the same boat so to speak which helps to make everyone feel inclusive.

  5. ENHANCE EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING: The transition into parenthood can be a truly stressful time for mothers. Taking time to practice yoga can help create a routine of self-care and nourishment through focused stretches and mindful breathing exercises. And by incorporating baby into many of the postures, it can help mums to feel more confident with how to handle and play for baby in a way that is typically reserved for 'care-free' dads.

  6. CONNECTION: There are some days when getting out of the house seems like it's an uphill battle, however besides the benefit you'll receive from yoga, you'll be amongst a group of other new mums who can provide a listening ear, heartfelt advice or even a shoulder to cry on. Over the last 7 years, I've witnessed many a friendship bloom from these classes.

So BRING YOUR BABY, come along to class - JUST AS YOU ARE - no pretenses, no perfection, no expectations and NO experience required.


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