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Moving from Centre

July signifies the 'middle' of the year, so we're focussing on our centre – a deep inner strength, both physical and mental that guides us through life. A strong centre also relates to a strong sense of self...radiating warmth, knowledge AND strength from the inside out.

Beyond the physical layers of the body, lie energetic 'centers' or chakras. Seven main energy centres are located along the body's central axis. There are times when chakras can become blocked, resulting in illness on a mental, emotional or physical level, so in order to maintain balance, it's important to keep the energy flowing freely.

With a practice focusing on 'centre' we're not only bringing our awareness to, but opening up MANIPURNA, the Sanskrit term relating to the Solar Plexus (or navel centre) which also translates to 'City of Jewels'. Located about two fingers above the navel, it is our centre of power and wellbeing. This chakra gives us a clear sense of who we are and our purpose.

When MANIPURNA is in balance, we are self-confident, independent and self-assured. The Solar Plexus represents the 'fire in your belly', it is here where we cultivate an inner fire, the fire of transformation. Connected to our emotional body, we fan the this fire by seeing the joy and beauty in everything (even during Winter's dormant months).

When the Solar Plexus is open, we feel enlightened and full of joy. Whereas when it's blocked, we tend towards gloominess and feelings of unbalance. From within our centre comes a deep knowing - our 'gut feeling'. Notice any feelings or emotions that arise. Be Present. Breathe.

Element: Fire | Sense: Sight | Colour: Yellow | Seed Mantra: Ram

Lumen Essence has lovingly crafted a Solar Plexus Oil , this is available at the studio and will complement the core work that is the focus of practice this month.

Rollers $15 and Essential Oil $20. To find out more about Lumen Essence and their unique blend of essential oils, visit or speak to Raine in the studio.

Core Solar Plexus Chakra Essential Oil Yoga Perth

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