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Warm Up This Winter with Yoga

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

The wet and wild weather has now officially kicked in here in Perth…if you’re wanting to keep warm this winter then now is a good time to try out yoga and perhaps establish a regular practice.

Whether you’re taking a calming yin + restorative class, or a more vigorous VINYASA FLOW class, or something that combines a little of each, your body will thank you.

Winter is about turning inward and quiet reflection, so it’s the perfect time to come in from the cold, here’s why:

  • The deep and rhythmic breathing clears out mucous and decreases nasal congestion, combined with movement this helps to increase circulation.

  • A dynamic flowing yoga class will build heat from the inside out, keeping your body temperature warm AND at the same time sweating out toxins and boosting immunity.

  • With many layers of clothing during winter we can naturally feel more sluggish, yoga allows us to find some freedom of movement and space in our body, especially with postures that open up the areas around the chest and the heart.

  • The cold of winter can cause joints to stiffen and become painful, yoga postures not only lubricate the joints but improve mobility and balance.

Don't let the cold weather be an excuse to stop caring for your body, we offer a variety of class styles that cater for the diversity of our Northern Suburbs community.

Whether you're a beginner to yoga and looking for something mellow or wanting a more dynamic challenging practice, choose from one of TEN drop-in classes each week to change things up OR commit to one of our specialty courses that run throughout the school term.

Unlimited Memberships start from just $27 per week, with all equipment provided and classes taught by highly trained, experienced yoga teachers, you'll be safely guided through a class designed to invigorate, energise and banish those winter blues!

Visit our live online schedule:

Kingsley Yoga Studio Classes
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