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Why Kids Need Yoga Too!

Today's kids are under more pressure than ever - with after school activities, competitive sports, having to excel at school - not to mention mind boggling hours spent looking at screens, devices and computer games children are under pressure not just to perform, but also to 'behave' and 'be good'.

With so much pressure put on kids, we've taken away the JOY that comes from being a child in the world : exploring, learning and developing.

A yoga program tailored towards the specific needs of kids and teens can be incredibly nurturing not just for their bodies, but more so for their minds. Yoga classes for kids are unlike the grown-up version for adults - they're much more fun! Classes are designed to be interactive - children learn to work in a group setting, introducing skills such as tolerance and becoming part of a community. As they work together they discover that no two bodies are the same - that each of us are unique and individual; children learn the value of acceptance over achievement.

Many of the yoga postures are named after animals and have a connection to earth and nature, so not only are they exploring movement, they're learning about the world around them through themes, games and activities that incorporate our natural environment.

While children are often encouraged to be engaged and productive, many struggle to focus - leaping from one task to another. Yoga teaches children the importance of slowing down and becoming still, learning how to take conscious rest and relaxation, so that as they grow these skills can be utilised in stressful situations.

Children are after all...natural born yogis! Not only do they have a natural ability to trust in others and are generally uninhibited, they are receptive and open to receive the teachings of yoga; allowing them to grow an inspiring and nurturing way.

If we can can give our children the gift of yoga, not only will they benefit, but they will no doubt enjoy it immensely!



Bloom Yoga has been offering specialty yoga programs for Toddlers, Kids and Teens in Perth's Northern Suburbs since 2013. We believe that EVERY ONE benefits from yoga, as such we seek out qualified, skilled Yoga Teachers who are passionate about building resilience in children through yoga. Our small classes are tailored to specific age groups in our warm, welcoming Kingsley Yoga Studio.

Kids Yoga Classes Kingsley

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