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Sit Still and Watch What Happens

Sitting still is something we’re often TOLD to do as children but we're never really taught HOW to do it! Learning to sit still sets us up to become the observer, to watch with a discerning eye the thoughts, stories + patterns that (over) populate our mind.

Sitting in stillness is not only a powerful (and really easy) way to be present, with ongoing practice it improves our brain capacity and lowers the stress hormone cortisol while helping us feel more at ease and less anxious in this big wide world.

Learning how to sit still takes time - like everything, it's a practice.

We offer a 5 week ONLINE series where you can learn how to meditate using a variety of different techniques. The beauty of online learning for this series is that you'll be able to set up a meditation space at home so that you can continue once the series finished. If you can't join the series LIVE there's the option to watch the recording. Includes home practice journal.

We are so pleased to welcome back Sharee James, a long time teacher at Bloom and our Lead Meditation Teacher. With a well established meditation practice of her own, Sharee shares a variety of techniques with students to help develop a meditation practice of their own and begin to experience the many benefits that come from meditation.


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