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Yoga for Birth: The Power of a Birth Plan

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Yoga for Birth: The Power of a Birth Plan
The Power of a Birth Plan

Here's the whole truth and nothing but the truth…you cannot plan birth! It's ironic because in practicing yoga for birth: the power of a birth plan is not the plan itself. That's not how plans work, there’s always a spanner in the works so to speak, so regardless of how much you plan there will always be something that doesn't go how you thought it would - and that could be good, bad or totally irrelevant!

Having had so much experience with pre and post natal mamas over the years as well as being a birth educator and advocate for hands-off birth, I lovingly encourage women to do a birth plan or birth preferences to get an idea for the kind of birth they would like to have! And to make sure they discuss their plans with their birth partner and care provider WELL BEFORE their birth!

WHY? Because in order to find out about the kind of birth you want to have, you first need to understand ALL of the BIRTH CHOICES and BIRTH OPTIONS that are available to you! Yoga for Birth is so much more than just physical...It’s YOUR birth, so rather than just hoping for the best or ‘trusting’ your care provider, take the bull by the horns and do your own research and discover the power of a birth plan. What you discover might totally surprise you!

Start by talking to friends or professionals, read blogs and listen to podcasts with a (very) occasional visit to Dr Google you begin to learn more; educating yourself about birth not only empowers you, but gives you the power to ask questions and to prepare mentally for the work ahead.

Yoga for birth is more than physical, this is the power a birth plan gives us.

When what we planned for doesn't come to pass, then we have the know-how and the tools to explore other options or Plan B, Plan C or Plan D that will still give us the positive outcome we are planning for!

So take the time to research, plan and prepare for your birth. Get your birth partner involved, discuss with your care provider and make sure everyone knows and understands your preferences for birth.

And FYI if your care provider or anyone on your birth team poo-poos your birth planning process - let this be a red flag, your choices are YOURS and should be supported by your provider and support people.

Want to learn the tools needed to feel calm, confident and better equipped to cope with labour and birth? Bloom’s Yoga for Active Birth is a 3-hour workshop with a wealth information, research and hands-on practices to use for labour, birth and beyond. Plus you’ll receive a comprehensive colour manual to take home with additional resources.


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