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Yoga with a Chair

Most Westerners live a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, and so it would seem counter productive to add to that by encouraging movement while sitting instead of getting up and moving around. Whether you spend hours sitting at a desk, flying in the sky or binge watching Netflix - learning a few seated yoga postures can help to alleviate the inevitable sore neck or stiff back that comes with long periods of sitting, while helping to keep your joints supple and improving muscle tone.

Often misunderstood to be an age specific practice, chair yoga is an ideal choice for beginners who are interested in trying yoga for the first time. By incorporating the use of a chair, this already inclusive practice becomes even more accessible for anyone, of any age, and particularly for those who are living with physical limitations, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or pain and arthritis. Even if you are recovering from an injury or illness, the gentle movement of a chair yoga practice compliments many other physical forms of therapy.

While many of the postures are practiced seated, the chair can also be used for provide support while standing, balancing and leaning. Practitioners will receive all the same benefits of a regular ongoing yoga practice: improved mobility and flexibility, increased lung capacity and better digestion, relieving stress and anxiety and improved mental clarity while enhancing overall wellbeing.

By connecting the mind and body through movement, the mind begins to focus. Awareness develops as the participants are given time to observe the effects of what they have done. And this is the PURPOSE of yoga.

As the only yoga studio in Perth's Northern Suburbs offering chair yoga classes, we welcome you to share this mindful, nurturing and gentle practice with our diverse community.

Classes run for 60 minutes, every Tuesday at 1045am with our Senior Yoga Teacher, Sara Evans.

Drop-ins welcome.

Chair Yoga Classes at Bloom Yoga Perth

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