Postpartum Yoga

Postpartum Yoga, among other Yoga Kingsley options, has numerous benefits

While few may know it actually exists among yoga Kingsley options in a place like Perth, Australia, postpartum yoga is an excellent class for women to take to help deal with the emotional and physical recovery and changes after having a child. As many women are aware, postpartum depression can occur among new mothers, which can make these early, sensitive months of motherhood very difficult for the whole family, specifically a mother and her newborn. There are a wide variety of ways to help deal with these emotional aspects of the postpartum phase in general, but postpartum yoga may be one of the best if it works, as it doesn’t involve taking medication and it also allows for physical and mental wellness, along with bonding between mother and child.
Here’s how it works—new mothers will show up with their newborns in most cases to do very low energy yoga stretches and movements, while their babies sleep or watch them with the usual wonder. If they cry or need to feed, time can be taken out of the class for mothers to do what needs to be done—a crying baby is expected and not a distraction in this type of yoga class. For mothers who worry their newborn may be a distraction, many classes have people who can watch a newborn while the mother goes through the postpartum yoga class on her own, clearing her mind and body for a moment of her new duties.
Postpartum yoga will also allow mothers to connect with their newborns in a different environment, the first of many activities to share between a mother and child. There is also a sense of community and connection that will be made between other mothers with newborns at these postpartum yoga classes, helping to build a support network for moms who may be struggling a bit more than others.

Sara Evans, Senior Yoga Teacher Perth Australia