Never been to a yoga class before?
Then you may have a few questions.  
Here are some common ones with regard to our pregnancy classes, but there's no such thing as a silly question, so send us an email if you've got one!
Q: I've just found out I'm pregnant - when is the best time to start pregnancy yoga?
A: Congratulations! If you're not currently practicing yoga, it's best to join one of our pre-natal classes which are gentle and safe for ALL trimesters.  
Q: I've just found out I'm pregnant and I'm already practising yoga - what should I do?
A: If you are already practicing yoga, be sure to advise your instructor so that your practice can be modified accordingly, it's important to practice with an instructor who is able to provide safe and correct modifications for you. In fact it's probably safer to practice early on with a prenatal yoga teacher. 
Q: I've never practiced yoga before, can I still do pregnancy yoga?
A: Yes, our pregnancy classes are suitable for absolute beginners.  Many of the women who join our pregnancy classes have never done yoga before, so you won't be alone!
Q: What should I wear to my first yoga class?
A: Clothing which is lightweight and that you can move easily in. Bring a jumper or long sleeved top and perhaps some socks (during winter) to wear for savasana (relaxation). 
Q: I'll be away for one of the classes in the block? Can I make the class up?
A: Due to our small class sizes pregnancy classes cannot be made up, however if you let us know that you will miss a class we can offer your space to a casual attendee 35+ weeks.  
Q: What happens after I finish a 5 week block?
A: At the end of one block, we roll onto another - you're welcome to continue practicing pregnancy yoga for the duration of your pregnancy all the way up to 40+ weeks...we don't do the same class twice, every pregnancy yoga class is different, however we will cover some of the same postures, topics and discussions to enhance their importance and continue to educate in preparation for labour, birth & motherhood.  
Q: I am unable to continue pregnancy yoga for medical reasons - what happens now?  
A: We understand that there can be unforseen complications during pregnancy, so if you need to stop practicing for medical reasons, please provide us a letter from your doctor and we can provide class credit for any remaining classes, this is valid for 6 months.  Please note we do not provide refunds once a course or series has commenced.  We cannot provide retrospective credit, please advise us you cannot attend as soon as is reasonably possible.  
Q: When can I start attending classes casually?  
A: From 35 weeks onwards you may choose to attend classes casually - these are $22.  There is limited availably in evening and weekend classes, so these need to be booked and paid for in advance.
Sara Evans, Senior Yoga Teacher Perth Australia