Progress is not linear

We know first hand the benefit that consistency provides; our series provides students with the opportunity to commit to regular consistent yoga practice and reap the rewards that a regular yoga practice provides.

Let our experienced teachers show you how to build a sustainable practice 

in one of our specially structured series.  

Bookings are ESSENTIAL for classes in a SERIES, places are often limited.

​Our FLOW + GROW series are dynamic classes synchronising movement and breath in a continuous flow of poses, usually beginning with Sun Salutations. They are energetic, creative and lots of fun! These yoga classes are suitable for all levels, with variations and modifications offered throughout to support beginners students with a good level of general fitness and just enough challenge for intermediate and advanced students. 

One MAKE-UP class is included.  

Flow + Glow


beginners yoga studio classes kingsley p

Monday 7pm - 815pm

3 February - 6 April

10 weeks $195

Tuesday 6-715pm

4 February - 7 April

10 weeks $195

ashtanga vinyasa beginners yoga classes

Yin + Flow


Yin + Flow Yoga Classes cultivate a safe space for all levels of yoga practitioners.  With an emphasis on slow mindful movement, this class allows time to find alignment, build awareness and integrity to create a balance between movement and stillness.   

Monday 530pm - 645pm

3 February - 6 April

10 weeks $195

Thursday 930am - 1030am

6 February - 9 April

10 weeks $195

With a mindful attention to your breath, this class uses a variety of yoga props to support the physical body in order to create space and flexibility in both the mind and the body.   Through long holds in supported yin yoga postures, expect to create space in the hips, spine, neck + shoulders which will provide the space and ease to spend time in seated meditation. Suitable for absolute beginners.  

Wednesday 630pm - 745pm

5 February - 8 April

10 weeks $195


Yin +



Restorative Yin Yoga Classes Kingsley




yin restorative mindfulness beginners yo

Women require specialist care to nurture their bodies as well as their minds. Carve out time each week for self-care and nourishment with classes influenced by nature's rhythms; embrace the yin and yang qualities of nature inspired by the season, the moon and the month, bringing balance to the reproductive and digestive areas of the female body as well as building strength and awareness in and around your pelvic area.

Tuesday 715pm - 830pm

11 February - 25 March

8 weeks $165

For many, sitting in stillness can seem daunting, overwhelming or perhaps difficult to do - but it's much easier than you might think!

Guided by an experienced Meditation + Yoga Teacher, this series provides the skills and space for contemplation and stillness away from the busyness of our daily lives.  Meditation practice can reduce stress and provide tools to assist with anxiety, concentration and improved emotional balance as well as cultivating a mindful awareness from the inside out.  

Includes a home practice workbook and journal.





Meditation Yoga Classes Kingsley Joondal

Thursday 545pm - 630pm

20 February - 26 March

6 weeks $105

Sara Evans, Senior Yoga Teacher Perth Australia