Sequencing With Purpose

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9am - 6pm 

29 March 

The purpose of sequencing yoga postures is to tell a story about what it is you want to share, where the postures become the expression of a single thread, theme or an idea weaved together through asana, pranayama + mudra.  

A teacher who understands how to sequence with purpose can transform an otherwise mundane vinyasa, hatha or yin class into something truly inspirational.  And discover how to repurpose the SAME sequence but with a different purpose!  


Learn to create your sequence with:

  • clarity of purpose

  • understanding of the mechanics of the body

  • recognising of how different postures and practices will impact the practitioner energetically.


This special one day workshop will help focus and deepen your understanding of how to employ the body’s mechanics together with profound energetic ideas of yoga to create class sequences which will inspire your students, and which are safe and effective on all levels – physical, energetic, mental and emotional.


This full day workshop will address both physical and energetic aspects of sequencing. We will explore physical aspects such as:


  • the balance between symmetry and asymmetry, between contraction and release, between internal and external rotation

  • variations on warm-up sequences

  • finding neutral and counter poses in dynamic sequences

  • efficient sequencing of muscle activation

  • creative approaches to balancing the three planes of movement

  • using repetition to build strength not strain.

  • How to structure or them for anatomical sequencing or build towards a peak pose.


We will look also look at the interaction between some of the philosophical + energetic templates which the yoga traditions have given us to help our sequencing. We will consider:


  • the seven main chakras, and how these influence our yoga practice

  • the Ayurvedic doshas – pitta, kapha and vata and how sequencing can build positive qualities of the doshas

  • Using nature’s rhythms such as seasons, the moon and even just the time of the day

  • Incorporate a philosophical theme or topic to build a multi-dimensional flow 

  • how to prepare a Dharma talk as well as finding your voice as a teacher

  • the importance of appropriate breath awareness, pranayama and meditation practices in effective sequencing

  • how timing and language impact on the effect of a class.



Although the primary aim here is for yoga teachers and trainee teachers, the ideas discussed will be relevant to anyone with a self-practice – or wondering how to build their own practice. 


The day will mix theory, practice, and interactive experimentation, and will include a taught practice bringing together many of the ideas discussed.


8 hours ~ $195
Sara Evans, Senior Yoga Teacher Perth Australia