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Yoga classes for Pregnancy, Labour + Birth

A feminine + nurturing approach to prenatal specific yoga classes designed to support you through all trimesters of pregnancy.

Bloom’s Pregnancy Yoga program has been supporting pregnant mothers since 2009.  It is run as a 5-week course, led by specially trained, expert prenatal yoga teachers who are also mothers.


Prenatal specific yoga classes focus on building strength and mobility for all trimesters while also assisting with aches and pains that often accompany pregnancy, all to ensure a smoother birth.


Join us today and connect with a community of other mothers while enjoying the many benefits of Pregnancy Yoga for you, your baby and your birth.

5 Week Series ~ $125

includes complimentary access to our

online home practices to support

your pregnancy journey

Bloom Pregnancy Yoga classes _ Perth _ Joondalup
  • Interactive birth education class for you and your birth partner

    175 Australian dollars
  • A specially designed series of classes to support your growing baby an...


    80 Australian dollars
  • A specially designed series of classes to support your growing baby an...


    80 Australian dollars
Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Online
How to Turn a Breech Baby _ Bloom Yoga


Bloom is my absolute favourite yoga studio! I first attended Sara’s pregnancy yoga classes in 2014 when pregnant with my first baby. Since then I’ve been to Sara’s pregnancy yoga and Mum + Baby yoga classes for all 3 babies, as well as her Women’s wellness series, Yin Yoga classes, full moon retreats & my new favourite Roll & Release workshops! I’ve loved all the classes & always leave feeling so much better. Sara is a wealth of knowledge & brings such a beautiful calm & grounded energy to the room. 

Pregnancy Yoga Classes Perth


I just wanted to say thank you for running your amazing prenatal yoga classes. They truly made all the difference. It meant I naturally moved into positions that we had practiced in class and had the strength to hold them allowing optimal movement for baby and my body.


I used yoga blocks to support me in all sorts of ways; just being used to props to help gain better support and comfort in class really set me up well to mentally do it during birth.


And lastly, I am going to dearly miss the mental recharge from going to class and being guided in meditative practice at the start and finish. This helped me keep my head through pregnancy and that practicing of relaxing helped me when I needed to relax the most during labour.

Yoga for Active Birth Workshop Perth


I've done a few courses with Sara now & they have all been wonderful, with the most recent being the yoga for active birth workshop. I can confirm that not only do these techniques work, but the way that Sara teaches them and explains them is done in a way that stays with you (even in the midst of labour!) Could not recommend this course enough for anyone looking to approach their birth with confidence and faith in their own body.

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