Yoga Drop In Classes

Why Yoga Drop In Classes and Pregnancy Yoga are ideal for Yoga Studios

While most yoga studios offer a wide variety of different yoga classes in their weekly schedules, yoga drop in classes and pregnancy yoga classes are ideal for a studio’s business and community. Here are some details as to why for each type of class.
As the name suggests, yoga drop in classes are for new members or those who can only make it every so often to show up and do a yoga class, keeping up with their health but not forcing them to have a real connection with the teacher or others in the class. By offering these yoga drop in classes on the schedule of a yoga studio on a regular basis, it will allow people who are very busy but want to do yoga the opportunity to take a class when it fits their schedule. This is a great way to bring in new business or keep a connection with past students who just don’t have as much time anymore to take yoga classes on their own. Ideally, offering these drop in classes consistently every other day is a great idea, as it opens the class up to a wider variety of clientele.
With pregnancy yoga classes, the clientele is obviously women who are pregnant and at different stages of this important, life-changing process. As so much is going on over the course of a pregnancy for a woman, these classes are tremendously helpful, not only helping these students feel better physically and emotionally, but also helping them to connect with others who are having a similar experience. There is also a connection they will have with the yoga studio as well, encouraging them to come back after they have their baby and continue their connection to yoga and the community the studio brought them during this important time period in their lives.

Sara Evans, Senior Yoga Teacher Perth Australia