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Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth + Baby

Experience a nurturing way to move mindfully while connecting with your baby and building the strength to support your changing body throughout the journey of pregnancy, birth, baby and motherhood.  


We are Perth's most experienced team of specially trained pre and postnatal yoga instructors, empowering and educating women and mothers through yoga since 2009.  As mothers ourselves, our classes offer a unique insight, wisdom and lived experience to create a sense of ease, trust and inner resilience as you move through your pregnancy and mothering journey. 

Both our pregnancy yoga classes and mums and bubs yoga offers a continuity of care for both mother and baby, suited for all trimesters of your pregnancy and postpartum journey.  

Our Yoga for Active Birth workshop offers a deeper insight into the physiology of birth, how to apply yogic techniques to cope with pain and move through your labour and birth with greater ease alongside your birth partner.  

Bloom Pregnancy Yoga Classes Perth
Bloom Pregnancy Yoga Classes Kingsley

Bloom Pregnancy Yoga Series

Our 5 week series of yoga for pregnancy build trust, strength and confidence in mind and body for all trimesters.

Connect with your baby and a community of other mothers while gaining valuable insight, tips and techniques to prepare your mind for labour, birth + the transition into motherhood. 

Massage for Birth _ Bloom Yoga Perth

Yoga for Active Birth Workshop

Yoga for Active Birth is a 3 hour birth education workshop where the mother and her birth partner learn the tools of yoga to prepare and plan for labour.

Learn skills to manage pain through movement and massage equipping you with knowledge and information for an empowering childbirth experience - regardless of how your baby is born.

Includes a comprehensive  booklet. In-person workshops are held bi-monthly in our studio or as a pre-recorded online course.

$175 per couple

Mum and Baby Yoga Classes Kingsley

Mum and Baby Yoga Series

With so much focus on the new baby after birth, our mum + baby yoga classes combine therapeutic postnatal postures with mindful movement, providing a much-needed space for mum breathe, move, strengthen & connect in the company of other new mums.

Mum and baby classes include baby massage and playtime with specially selected postures safe for a new mum’s postpartum body to regain core and pelvic floor awareness.

Trauma Informed Pregnancy Yoga

"Whatever will allow you to approach the experience from a position of inner power"
Janet Balaskas

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