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Yoga Teacher Training
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The essence of yoga is to cultivate and nurture a relationship with your self and your body.  Our Yoga Teacher Training programs empower individuals to become authentic, skilful and confident teachers through a sustained personal yoga practice that evolves over an extended period of time.   Becoming a teacher of yoga is a journey, not a destination.  


Bloom offers a unique approach to our yoga teacher training and mentoring programs in that we share yoga through the lens of the feminine with an emphasis on small group learning environment; we are passionate about the quality and delivery of our content  

Perinatal Specialist, Senior Yoga Teacher and mother of two, Sara, has devoted the last 15 years to sharing the benefits of yoga for pregnancy, birth and postpartum during this transformational time for women and their families. 

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course - Perth


Honouring the long tradition of yoga; Senior teachers with more than 10 years expertise impart their lived experience of their practice and teaching with trainees.

Our transformative yoga teacher trainings provide the inspiration, expertise, skills and support to fully embody your practice both on and off the mat.  

Bloom Yoga Teacher Training Manual 200 Hour


Learning takes time; yoga is an integrative practice that demands our attention and energy over a sustained period of time. 

We have designed our training to provide trainees MORE time with facilitators over a 12 month period to fully digest, assimilate and apply this new found knowledge.

We explore the philosophy and teachings of yoga, from a nurturing perspective, aligning ancient wisdom to the seasons of our modern lives over time.   

Deities, History and Philosophy - Bloom Yoga Teacher Training Perth


Broaden your perspective of yoga as we dive into ancient texts, exploring a multi-faceted approach to yoga through sound, stillness, movement and skill in action.  

We share practices and philosophies informed by modern science and movement, with an emphasis on empowering the individual person.

Yoga Teacher Training Perth

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