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Yoga is far more than a physical practice; it's an opportunity to become curious about who you are.  Our yoga teachers have each undertaken more than 500 hours of study; their own personal practice (sadhana) provides the foundation from which they share their practice with you. 

Sara Evans

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Yoga has always been present in Sara's life; she has practiced and studied yoga in many forms since childhood; always returning to practice during difficult times to find solace. 

With more than 20 years of practice and nearly 10 years of teaching, Sara founded Bloom in 2010 with the belief that every body could benefit from this life long practice.  Vinyasa Flow is at the heart of her own practice; her classes are creative, playful and dynamic, allowing students the opportunity to step away from their 'comfort zone' and realise their own potential to build strength both on and off their yoga mat.   She interweaves her unique sense of humour with her own yoga journey and life experiences.  Sara is passionate about the benefits of yoga for women, and has been teaching pre and post natal yoga for more than 9 years and now trains other pre and post-natal yoga teachers.   You'll also see her teaching specialty workshops, restorative & yin yoga, roll &  release and partner yoga.

'Yoga has helped me realise the importance of now and living up to your own full potential, both physically and emotionally, for which I am grateful.'

 Jason discovered yoga after searching for ways to manage chronic back pain, work stress and emotional difficulties from an unhappy relationship.


After many years of practice, Jason’s long time teacher noticed his progress with his yoga practice suggested he could make a good yoga teacher and the rest is history! A gradute of Sivananda Vedanta Centre in Kerala, India he has since studied yoga in Perth and Bali.  


Jason is known for his inspiring and dynamic classes. He weaves deep stretching and strengthening exercises, balanced with meditation and relaxation techniques, giving insight into yoga philosophy and anatomy.

Sometimes dubbed “The Silent Killer ” as students will be moving gently through some limbering stretches and suddenly realise they are subtly being challenged to their physical limits. Students will leave the class feeling relaxed and refreshed.


When he's not teaching yoga, Jason is working on his building his business Just Be Apparel which sources ethically made clothing from natural fibres: www.justbeapparel.com



Pregnancy Baby Beginners Power Vinyasa Yin Prenatal Postnatal Yoga Studio Classes Perth Northern Suburbs Carine Warwick Marmion Sorrento Trigg Hillarys Woodvale
Pregnancy Baby Beginners Power Vinyasa Yin Prenatal Postnatal Yoga Studio Classes Perth Northern Suburbs Carine Warwick Marmion Sorrento Trigg Hillarys Woodvale



Michelle is a silly sausage who loves doing the mermaid pose while sipping vanilla milkshakes!

As a kids yoga teacher, Michelle is able to combine her primary school teaching skills with her specialist training in dance, drama and arts education to engage with children and teens in creative ways to foster physical and emotional growth both on & off the mat.


She also works in childrens theatre, teaches ballet and early years dance.  Yoga is an integral part of Michelle's life, she has kept it as a close companion on her travels and in her personal life as both a teacher & student.


Michelle's kids yoga classes are not only fun and filled with drama but focus on strengthening little bodies while developing trust, friendship & awareness.  

Sharee has been joyfully exploring the intersections of personal development, spirituality and alternative medicine for many years now as a fully qualified naturopath, yoga and meditation teacher and mindfulness coach.

As well as helping countless patients with their health and lifestyle issues in clinical practice, For the last 8 years, she has run life-changing spiritual retreats in the Himalayas of Nepal.

Sharee has been with Bloom since 2013, leaving to travel for 18 months and returning in 2017.  She teaches yin yoga and meditation courses with an emphasis on helping students to get back in touch with their inner selves and  move from stuck & stressed to feeling more calm, joy and aliveness than ever before.

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Renae started practicing yoga in her mid 20’s and has practiced regularly for the last 7 years.  


A reconnection with yoga occurred just before turning 30 - this time the connection wasn’t about the asana practice it was about the meditation and the philosophy of being here now, or nowhere.  During this time she didn’t attend asana classes unless they were restorative."To me yoga is mental, physical and spiritual. Yoga to me is more than words can describe." 


Renae aspires to bring yoga to every BODY and this is reflected in how she delivers her classes; making them light hearted and accessible for everyone.  

Living the corporate life in London, Liesja started yoga with the hope of bringing some balance into her life and reducing anxiety.  Like many before her, she loved the physicality of yoga, but more recently discovered the deeper layers of yoga whilst struggling with infertility and pregnancy loss.


It was her journey into motherhood that spurred her decision to become a teacher of yoga.   Completing an 8 week mindfulness course as part of her training, "was truly transformational in allowing me to explore a daily meditation practice, a tool every mum should have in their survival kit."


Qualified to teach hatha, vinyasa and pregnancy yoga. Liesja's classes are a balanced blend of breath and movement; guiding students to feel more physical space, finding their intuitive nature and feeling empowered in their practice and in their life. 

" I love that yoga allows you to slow down, check in with yourself, observe your deeper layers and connect to your own unique rhythm."



Gentle Yoga Classes Perth | Slow Flow Yoga Perth | Yin Yoga Duncraig Perth
Sara Evans, Senior Yoga Teacher Perth Australia