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Pregnancy Yoga Classes Perth

Empower your pregnancy journey with prenatal yoga

For more than 15 years, Bloom has been dedicated to offering specialist  prenatal yoga classes and birth education workshops.

As mother's ourselves, our prenatal and postnatal yoga classes

blend a feminine and fluid exploration of your body;

learn skills to move with your body and baby 

plus practices to support your transition into motherhood and beyond


Why choose Pregnancy specific yoga?

Prenatal yoga teachers are specifically trained to teach poses that compliment, strengthen and lengthen a pregnant woman's body. Prenatal yoga tends to use a lot of props to support the body in postures which serves as a beautiful metaphor for motherhood; learning how to adapt and leaning into support when offered. 


Here's how prenatal yoga differs to a general yoga class:

Embrace Change

Prenatal yoga can and should be practiced for ALL trimesters of pregnancy; we do not practice any yoga asana that is contraindicated, we cater prenatal asanas to suit the individual; both beginners and experienced students benefit from this specialised approach to practice.

Physical Demands

The needs of a pregnant body are different; pregnancy yoga builds strength and resilience in the parts of the body that need it; asana to alleviate hip and back pain; plus prenatal core, pelvic floor and pelvis.  Learn yoga postures for labour and birth.

Emotional Needs

Pregnancy takes the mother on a profound journey of transformation; learning how to stand in your power and discovering what it truly means to surrender. It is the ultimate union; the only time in life where two souls live and breathe together.

Mental Resilience

The structure and function of a pregnant woman’s brain changes (and continues to do so into postpartum). In a prenatal yoga class we apply yogic wisdom along with intuitive, feminine movement in the context of yoga for pregnancy and birth for mental resilience and mindfulness.


Prenatal yoga not only enhances the connection between mother and baby, but as a series of classes it serves to foster community between women and provide a continuity of care under the guidance of specially trained and experienced prenatal yoga teachers who are also mothers.  


Bloom Yoga's online prenatal and postnatal yoga classes have been designed to be safely practiced in the comfort of your home; short practices support your body, mind and baby helping you to navigate the journey of motherhood on your terms.  

As mother's ourselves, we've designed our online prenatal and postnatal yoga classes to be affordable and accessible whether you have 5 minutes or 45 minutes.  


Perinatal Specialist, Senior Yoga Teacher and mother of two, Sara, has devoted the last 15 years to sharing the benefits of yoga for pregnancy, birth and postpartum during this transformational time for women and their families. 

Online Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Move mindfully; make space in your body and mind for your baby; find ease as you prepare for birth and mothering 

Active Birth Yoga Perth

Learn pain coping skills along with yoga positions to help you and your baby move through labour feeling calm and connected with the support of your birth partner

Mum and Baby Yoga Classes Perth

Therapeutic asana for a mindful transition into motherhood both on and off the mat.  Practice at home with or without your baby!  

Online Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Elevate your skills as a teacher; find your niche as a specialist prenatal or postnatal teacher; trainings  to support all stages of pregnancy, birth and baby

Sara Evans | Senior Yoga Teacher | Prenatal, Postpartum and Women's Yoga Teacher and Trainer

Meet Sara Evans

Senior Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist + Perinatal Yoga Specialist

Sara credits the birth of her two children and the incredible impact her yoga practice had on her births as the inspiration for becoming a prenatal yoga teacher.  And thus, this path of yoga for women and mothers has become her greatest passion. 

In her early years as a mother, Sara leaned into her own yoga practice through online home practices; she draws on this experience as a mother, student and teacher to bring you this embodied approach to yoga for the modern mother. 

Since 2009, Sara has supported thousands of women through yoga in her Perth yoga studio, Bloom Yoga Room.  A Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist, Teacher Trainer and Birth Educator, Sara is considered by many in the Perth Yoga community to be an expert on yoga for pregnancy and postpartum.  Within her classes she shares a wealth of wisdom as a mother, teacher and student of yoga in a down to earth and digestible manner.

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Mum and Baby Yoga _ Postnatal Yoga Perth

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