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Labour TENS hire Perth

Natural Pain Relief for Labour
TENS Machine Hire

There are so many ways to relieve the pain and intensity of labour contractions; an

obstetric TENS machines is a drug-free option  specially designed to  help manage the pain of labour and birth.  

So how does a Labour TENS machine work? 

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is an effective tool to maximise your body's natural endorphins for drug-free pain relief during labour. The TENS electrodes provide a “tingly” or “pins and needles” kind of sensation to your back which intercepts pain messages from the uterus going to the brain, and this helps to ease labour pain typically experienced in the back and low belly during the first stage of labour.

Elle Obstetric TENS Hire for Labour
The Elle labour TENS machine uses the latest Opti-Max technology. Specifically designed as an obstetric TENS, there is a Boost Button built-in to the TENS unit, which makes it extremely easy to use during labour as well as postpartum.

About Elle TENS:

  • Dual-channel

  • Pre-set modes for ease of use

  • Integrated Boost Button

  • Optimax technology for extra power

  • Uses 4 large pads

  • Easy to read user display

  • Neck cord for mobility

  • Tough rotating belt clip

  • Can be used for post-natal pain relief

What’s Included in your TENS hire:

  • Elle TENS unit

  • Pack of 4 large electrode pads (40 x 100mm)

  • Instruction manual

  • 2 lead wires

  • 2 x AA batteries

  • Neck cord/lanyard

  • Soft carrying pouch

  • Choose from 4 or 8 week hire period

  • return post satchel upon request (additional charge for postage)

8 Week Hire: $99 | 4 Week Hire: $59

Refundable TENS deposit: $59

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