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Elevate Your Yoga
through practice + education 

At Bloom Yoga our vision is to bring yoga to everyone in a caring and inclusive way; discovering the deep wisdom and knowledge from the ancient texts and applying it to our modern lifestyles for truly embodied practices


Bloom Yoga offers a truly unique approach to our yoga teacher training and mentoring programs in that we emphasise small group learning; we explore the philosophy and teachings of yoga from a nurturing perspective, aligning ancient wisdom as the seasons of our lives shift and change shape.  

The practices and philosophies which we practice are informed by modern science and movement, with an emphasis on empowering every body, regardless of age, gender or ability.

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 Integrate the wisdom of yoga over 12 immersive months guided by Senior Yoga Teachers within an established yoga community. 

Mentoring Program for Yoga Teachers Perth Australia

A combination of one-on-one and peer to peer mentoring to develop confidence and bridge the gap from training to teaching.  

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Perth

An intuitive, feminine and nurturing approach to yoga for all trimesters of pregnancy and postpartum.

yoga teacher trainings perth australia

Elevate your skills as a teacher; specialist trainings  to educate and inspire your teach



Thank you Bloom Yoga Room and Sara, for a wonderful weekend and an incredible 12 months together. My heart is full, my mind has been enlightened and my soul is shining. Together we walk away with a deeper awareness and connection to ourselves, our consciousness and the universe. The shift from doing yoga to living in a state of yoga has been one of the most powerful shifts in my life so far, and I am so very grateful for the journey. Om shanti shanti shanti."
350 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Perth

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery"

Mark Van Doren

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