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Yoga for Active Birth Education Perth

Education, Learning + Resources for Pregnancy + Birth

Not only does learning and knowledge give you the power over your pregnancy and birth, but through learning we can lean into any fear and feel better prepared in body and mind for birth and beyond.  

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Prenatal and Postnatal Doula
A doula is a caregiver who attends your birth to support the mother and her birth partner, not only physically but emotionally.  She is also there to help support your birth choices and preferences. Doulas may also continue to support you AFTER baby is born.  

Count the Kicks

Learn the importance of keeping track of your baby's movements in utero.  

An open resource to help bring awareness and prevention to babies born sleeping.

Planning for Birth + The Fourth Trimester
The power of planning for birth and for your transition into parenthood is NOT the plan itself, but the process of becoming educated and aware of your choices and options for birth, labour as well as those important days and weeks following the birth. 
Postpartum Plan

The Fourth Trimester
When a baby is born so too is the mother! The first twelve weeks following birth are a time of transition not just for babies, but also for mums immersing and learning the ways of being a mother.

Birth Trauma
 Some women's experience of birth can be filled with a mixture of emotions or even very negative, resulting in physical and/or psychological trauma with lasting negative impacts on their lives. Education is the key to prevention, find out how to prepare and support yourself and others before and after birth via

Mantras for Birth
Mantras are sounds + syllables that when chanted or repeated can help to provide mental focus + clarity. Much like an affirmation, these mantras will provide inspiration before and during labour + birth.

Mum and Baby Yoga _ Postnatal Yoga Perth

"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers."
~Barbara Katz Rothman

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