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The 108 Asana cards are designed as a sequencing guide, for all levels of experience, to make your practice more accessible at home, traveling or when building a class.


Each of the 108 asana cards have alignment cues to guide you into each pose; levels guide to help you practice at your level of experience or your energy level; anatomy coding to help you build to a peak pose or focus on a specific parts of the body; and Sanskrit/English asana names.


The cards are divided in nine asana families to bring you through a complete yoga practice from warm up to restorative. The cards also come with an easy to follow ‘levels guide’ and ‘peak pose’ sequencing guide, two sample sequences, the sun salutations and an extensive list of asana benefits to help you tailor to your needs. Designed and illustrated by a 500hr RYT certified yoga teacher.

108 Asana Cards by Yogaru

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