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Birth affirmations are mantras (statements) designed to change your mindset and help maintain focus and a positive outlook or mood during the birth process.

Bring calm awareness to your birthing preparations with these Positive Birth Affirmation Cards.

Using affirmations during labour and birth can help reduce anxiety, fear, and labour complications.


Product Information:

  • Includes seventeen (17) colour cards + 3 bonus blank cards = Total 20 cards

  • Superior hard outer box, with a tray draw - Portrait orientation

  • A5 (21cm x 15cm) 450gsm gloss with curved edges

  • Best Birth Co. branded reverse side

  • Each card has a selection of affirmations and positive birthing quotes selected to assist with the visualisation of dilation and baby’s descent to maintain focus, reduce fear and improve birth outcomes

Birth Affirmation Cards by Best Birth Co

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