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Rise + Shine: The Magic of Early Morning Yoga

We already know that practicing yoga can help to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and improve overall well-being, but ask yourself this: when was the last time you actually did something GOOD for you?! Although yoga is HUGELY popular, there are fewer people than you might think that prioritise their mental and physical health.

The intention might be there, but putting it into practice is THE hardest part of yoga: committing and getting your arse to class! Excuses abound and if a bad day is had, then usually that yoga class you planned after work gets missed or you enjoy enjoy a weekend sleep-in instead of rolling out your mat.

Having practiced yoga for so many life seasons myself...I know these excuses and scenarios all too well!

As we move into 'Mindful in May', this is a perfect opportunity to make a conscious effort to begin your day in a more mindful way. If you're like me and not an early morning person, waking up early while every one is sound asleep is not exactly appealing...and it definitely has it's challenges, but the key is to make it a habit! Habits are often associated with feelings of pleasure and doing the things we perhaps change things ups and explore life before 6am. It's easier than you think to make morning practice a'll find it easier not only to wake up...but you'll know, see and feel the benefits that going to an early yoga class brings.

Ancient Vedic tradition suggests that yoga should be practiced early in the morning; 'The Golden Hour' is provides a spiritually charged energy just before the sun rises to begin a new day. Early morning provides the yoga practitioner a quiet, peaceful and softly lit (golden) setting in which to practice the mindfulness and movement of yoga asana.

Aside from the fact that you'll walk away from class feeling energised, you'll also discover a greater sense of clarity and a feeling of being sets the tone for your day ahead then you're done and dusted!

Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises practiced in the early hours of the morning can help to regulate sleep patterns; yoga stimulates both the pineal gland which secretes melatonin for better sleep as well as the endocrine system, helping to keep our hormones balanced. Your digestive system and metabolism will also love you; creating a little bit of fire in your belly, giving a nice flush of nutrients and massaging the organs with twisting and mindful breathing.

Embrace the early morning...we offer TWO Rise + Shine classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, each class is an invigorating mix of asana, pranayama and meditation, not only will you begin your day better but you'll start to notice your body attuning the to rhythm of nature...and it's absolutely magic!

Early Morning Vinyasa Yoga Classes Joondalup

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