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Yoga at Home: Spring Yin Sequence

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Spring is the season of growth, an opportunity for each of us to flourish and grow, and perhaps even lighten our load!

For most of us we are naturally drawn to do a little bit of Spring cleaning in and around the home as we welcome the warmth of spring; this Spring Yin Yoga Sequence has been designed so you can enjoy the benefits of yin yoga at home! Although there’s a tendency to ‘spring’ into action, there’s a lot to be gained from going s l o w; bringing balance as we align ourselves with the rhythms of nature.

While many YIN YOGA poses may resemble more ‘traditional’ asana practiced in Hatha or Vinyasa yoga classes, YIN postures have different naming conventions to differentiate the principles of yin yoga specific postures. Yin yoga aims to create stress on the connective tissues of the body to facilitate a lasting change, working at about 70% of your ‘edge’ where each pose is held for 3 - 5 minutes.

This SPRING YIN YOGA sequence focuses on the liver and gallbladder meridians, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), meridians are “channels that conduct energy throughout the body.” These channels form a network within the body, if the network gets blocked then one’s chi (or life force) cannot flow properly. The liver and gallbladder can do many helpful things for our health by filtering toxins from the external environment and food, aiding in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fat, and protein, helping to break down fats in the body, as well as processing our anger.

Spring is really a time to THRIVE so give yourself this time to rest, reset and reflect on whatever it is that you wish to flourish and grow!

These FOUR YIN YOGA POSTURES are specifically geared for Spring, helping connect to and activate the liver and gallbladder meridians located on the inner seam (liver) and outer seam (gallbladder) of the legs and thighs. Hold each pose for 3 - 5 minutes - use a timer so that you can drop-in and as many props as you need - sofa cushions or blankets! This sequence is also safe for pregnancy and postpartum when working at 60% of your edge, to limit overstretching.

Yin Yoga Spring Sequence: Childs


Begin by sitting on your heels and then slowly fold forward, bringing your chest between your thighs and your forehead to the earth or to a prop. Arms can be outstretched or alongside you.

Yin Yoga Online: Sleeping Swan

Sleeping Swan

From all fours, slide one knee forward towards your wrist, bring the foot towards the groin. Lower down to the forearms or use blocks or a bolster. If knees are not happy, move onto your back!

Yin Yoga Online Spring Sequence: Half Dragonfly

Half Dragonfly

From a sitting position, extend one leg and bend the other. Sitting on a cushion or folded blanket will help tilt your hips. Use a block or similar and resting your elbow, holding the weight of your head in your bottom hand, the top arm can extend and bend or just rest on the thigh.

Yin Yoga Spring Sequence: Butterfly


From a seated position, bring the soles of your feet together and then slide them away from you. Allowing your back to round, fold forward, lightly resting your hands on your feet or on the floor in front of you. Your head should hang down toward your heels.

Want to enjoy more yoga practices from the comfort of home or whereever you are?

Check out our virtual yoga studio for a selection of yin yoga, vinyasa flow, restorative yoga and pranayama practices plus specialty courses for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

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