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Embrace the Chaos

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Here's the truth...and the WHOLE truth! My life is constantly in chaos. It's one big juggling act - holding many balls all at once and trying to catch each and every one of them before they fall to the ground. I know I'm not alone in this scenario - I think many of us experience it as anxiety and stress because let's face it...adulting and LIFE admin are nearly impossible to escape from. There are so many demands placed on us, that we are constantly being pulled in so many different directions.

And what i am beginning to realise in this life is that we cannot control it all, we cannot make everything perfect or even easy. That there is constantly work to be done. For some time now I think we've been led to believe that if we line up all our ducks in a row or we check it off the to-do list then everything will calm the f*&k down - but is that actually true?

Perhaps social media is to blame for trying to selling us this ideal that we're all having leisurely lattes and long lunches - but that's certainly not my day to day life, and as much as I would like it to be, it would no doubt get boring pretty quickly if it was.

So rather than trying to escape the chaos, to wish my life was different - I embrace the chaos that comes with this one precious life. I'm leaning in to it - because as the BCF tagline says "this is living Barry!"

Life is messy, busy + crazy but within all of this there is a kind of beauty in being able to see the craziness and know that it's okay. That I'm okay.

These are my thoughts on this dreary Monday morning as I plug away on my business, try to get some bums on mats, prepare my classes, taxi my children here and there, try to eat a balanced diet, not drink too much wine, and fit in a little practice to provide me with some perspective on this thing called life.



And while I'm here, I'm going to plug our Women's Moon Flow Series which starts tomorrow night - an opportunity to move through the chaos in your own life.

Sara Evans - Bloom Yoga Perth

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