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Yoga for Active Birth + Using a Birth Ball

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Did you know that many of positions we utilise during labour and birth are some of the most common ways we learn to move in a prenatal yoga class? There are many reasons to be 'active' during your labour and birth: through intuitive movement, there's more space in the pelvis for baby to navigate their way through plus many of the postures utilise gravity. sometimes shortening the length of the first stage of labour which is the longest (and hardest) part!

One of the best (and probably the cheapest) investments you can make during pregnancy, a fit ball or 'birth' ball provide a lot of comfort before and during labour. It's not always practical to bring your birth ball to a pregnancy yoga class, however we have some pre-recorded pregnancy classes you can do at home and you'll learn how to use your birth ball in our Yoga for Active Birth workshop, also available online in a self-paced format.

During pregnancy:

  • Sitting on your ball it places the spine in a neutral position so often provides relief from back pain, additionally it allows for freedom and movement in the pelvis with less demand on the legs while increasing blood flow to the uterus.

  • Lean over your ball on all fours so that your belly is facing the ground, this encourages more space for baby and an optimal position. Add movement to relieve tightness.

  • By becoming familiar using your ball while pregnant, you'll be better equipped to use it during your labour and birth in the same ways you did while pregnant.

During Labour:

  • Sitting on the ball while leaning forward over a chair while rocking during each contraction

  • From all fours, lean over the ball and bring one foot forward into a lunge - continue to move and breathe; the lunge position can encourage more space for baby to move deeper into the pelvis

  • It can help relieve pain in the back, particularly if you have a posterior baby, decrease pelvic pressure, and it might even shorten labor!

Online Prenatal Yoga Class: Yoga for Active Birth

In postpartum:

  • Gentle bouncing on your ball while holding your newborn or wearing them can feel soothing for them as they enjoy the gentle rhythm. If you spent a lot of time bouncing on your ball while pregnant, then your baby will recognise this movement too!

Curious to learn more? Join our Yoga for Active Birth Online Workshop, it's pre-recorded for you to move through at your own pace.


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